Build Custom APIs Instantly

Easily create and distribute flexible REST APIs without the complexity of microservices.

Dapta accelerates production across strategic initiatives, reducing delays, and simplifying technical demands.

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why build your APIs with dapta?

Streamline your API development

Data and APIs are key to the success of the modern enterprise. The job of actually building production APIs to serve data is no longer tedious and time-consuming, as Dapta speeds up production across several strategic initiatives.


Slow integration processes risk project delays and hinder efficient testing and user experience delivery.


Complex coding requirements often demand technical expertise, limiting team members without these skills.


Manual API development consumes precious time, leading to inefficiencies and errors.

We've got your stack

Support for multiple databases

How to create custom APIs in Dapta?

1. Connect to Dapta your data source to instantly get a production-ready REST API
2. Dapta automatically enables APIs for all the tables you select
3. Created APIs can be customized to meet your business workflow’s requirements
4. You can execute and test your API straight from Dapta
5. Consume from any frontend

Try Dapta Pro for 14 Days Free

Built-in Features

Fast API development with drag and drop interface

Dapta's easy-to-use interface enables agile development teams to create APIs quickly, even with limited resources. Developers can move faster compared to traditional hand-coding.

Optimized API performance for reliability and debugging.

Dapta offers APIs that outperform hand-coded ones. This is achieved through built-in testing functionality for quality assurance and ease of debugging and record review, making it a superior choice for performance-conscious developers.

Real-time debugging and log inspection

Dapta provides real-time, non-disruptive debugging and log review, enabling developers to quickly identify and resolve issues. This feature enhances the developer experience and ensures the reliability of APIs built with Dapta.


What does Dapta's API Builder offer technical teams?

Dapta simplifies API creation, allowing tech teams to connect data sources with ease.

Is Dapta suitable for both technical and non-technical team members?

Yes, Dapta's low-code builder makes API creation accessible to non-technical users, while tech teams can benefit from faster development.

Which data sources and integration platforms are compatible with Dapta?

Dapta can connect with various data sources such as PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MongoDB, MySQL and platforms such as Hubspot, Notion, Slack, ERPs like Odoo, Quickbooks, SAP. See the full list by creating your account now.

How does Dapta reduce the time required for API creation?

Dapta's user-friendly interface and automation features streamline API creation, saving time and effort.

What advantages will my tech team gain from using Dapta for API creation?

Your tech team will experience faster development, efficient testing, and simplified integration processes.

Save time on your API development

Experience the future of seamless APIs with Dapta Instant APIs

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