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  • Streamline your marketing integrations and automations with our CRM connections
  • Create your own APIs from your data instantly with advanced features like logs, auth and docs
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Build powerful integrations 10x faster


For Marketing

Seamlessly integrate your product data with your CRM and marketing tech.

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For Operations

Connect to 10+ ERP and operation systems with a single integration.

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For Dev Teams

Easily create REST APIs without the complexity of code and infrastructure.

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Create Instant APIs

Speed API Integration Development

Dapta allows companies to develop custom API workflows with an easy to use interface, reducing API development time up to 90%.

Connect Any Data Source

Dapta connects natively to any datasource like databases, flat files and FTP servers to extract data.

No-Code API Builder

Create API endpoints with custom business logic and expose them to any client frontend.

Custom Code

Dapta allows for custom workflows to be developed on top of our platform.

Connect any Frontend

Dapta creates microservices that can be called from any frontend client securely.


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We do all the backend heavy lifting for you

Dapta is a powerful no-code backend that enables users to deploy and manage microservices, connect multiple data sources to aggregate and transform data, and create business logic APIs easily.

Build your backend in a fast and scalable platform with Dapta.

Connect Any Data Source

Dapta has native connectors to the most popular data sources. Connect databases, spreadsheets, flat files and any API easily.

Our data source connectors work as a no-code ETL on steroids that can power any API workflow with business logic.

Build API Integrations with No-Code

With our no-code API builder you can create API endpoints with custom business logic and expose them to any client frontend.

We have created some general use templates that can be customized for your company's needs.

Plus, you can create your own custom workflows with little to no code required.

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