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Simplify Your Data Management with Airtable and Dapta

Connect your favorite tools and centralize data effortlessly, boosting productivity and collaboration across all departments.

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Leverage the full potential of Airtable integration to manage security, permissions, and data protection at scale, ensuring your business grows without compromising on governance.

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About Airtable

Dapta's Airtable integration is designed to bridge the gap between your data and your team's efficiency. By automating workflows and connecting apps, we empower businesses to focus on what matters most.

Top Actions Enabled by Airtable Integration

  • Automate repetitive tasks and save valuable time with custom Airtable automations.
  • Create personalized interfaces with Airtable data for a tailored user experience.
  • Visualize data in new and insightful ways with Airtable's diverse view options.
  • Generate comprehensive reports to measure success and inform decision-making.
  • Access a suite of pre-configured apps to kickstart your Airtable integration journey.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does Airtable have APIs?

Yes, Airtable provides API access, allowing users to list records. However, records are paginated, with up to 100 records per page. For tables exceeding 100 records, multiple requests will be necessary to retrieve additional pages.


Is Airtable API free?

Airtable's API is available on its free plan, which includes limitations such as a cap of 1,000 records per base, 1 GB of attachment space, and no access to synced tables or integrations. Additionally, the free plan allows up to 5 editors, 50 commenters, and limits API calls to 1,000 per month.


What is Airtable compatible with?

Airtable boasts robust integrations with a variety of external applications and services, enabling seamless data exchange. Notable integrations include no-code platforms like Softr, marketing tools such as HubSpot, communication platforms like Slack, and scheduling applications like Calendly.


How can I easily integrate tools with Airtable?

Dapta offers extensive Airtable integration capabilities, enabling you to connect seamlessly with over 1,000+ endpoints. Through our platform, you can integrate essential tools with Airtable, ensuring a streamlined experience without the need for coding. This allows for an efficient and flexible way to enhance your Airtable setup with the apps and services you use daily.