Auth0 Integration with Dapta: Secure Your API and AI Connections

Unlock the full potential of your applications with Dapta's Auth0 integration, streamlining secure API and AI connections effortlessly.

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Effortless Integration Process

Discover the simplicity of integrating Auth0 with Dapta's no-code platform, ensuring robust security and quick deployment.

Scale With Confidence

Expand your business's capabilities with ease, thanks to Dapta's scalable Auth0 integration solutions that grow with your demands.

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About Auth0

Dapta's Auth0 integration equips your business with a powerful, secure, and user-friendly solution for managing API and AI connections across various platforms. By leveraging Auth0's trusted identity management, Dapta enhances your operational efficiency and security posture, saving you development time and resources.

Key Capabilities of Auth0 Integration

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) facilitation across multiple applications, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  • Enhanced security with Multifactor Authentication (MFA), adding an extra layer of protection.
  • Efficient management of user identities and permissions, centralizing control and simplifying access.
  • Streamlined implementation of passwordless systems, offering users a hassle-free way to authenticate.
  • Ability to customize and extend functionality with Auth0's comprehensive marketplace of integrations.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to integrate Auth0 with Okta?

At Dapta, we empower seamless integration of Auth0 through data-driven solutions. Our platform simplifies Auth0 integration, ensuring a smooth and effortless process. With an extensive range of over 250 applications available, Dapta optimizes your Auth0 setup, ultimately boosting team efficiency.


Did Okta and Auth0 merge?

Yes, Okta acquired Auth0 in a strategic move valued at $6.5 billion, paid entirely in stock. This acquisition came after Okta's market valuation reached approximately $35 billion. Prior to the acquisition, Auth0 had successfully raised $120 million in a funding round, valuing the company at $1.9 billion.


Are Auth0 and Okta the same?

While both Auth0 and Okta offer enterprise-level Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions, they cater to different needs. Auth0 specializes in providing authentication and authorization services for custom applications, whereas Okta offers a broad IAM platform designed for enterprise use.


How do I enable API integration in Okta?

To enable API integration in Okta, navigate to the Provisioning settings tab and access the Configuration Guide for detailed setup instructions. Here, you'll find the necessary steps to establish provisioning between Okta and the external application. Begin by selecting 'Configure API Integration' and then enable the API integration as directed.