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About Flow

Dapta's Flow integration is the key to unlocking a new level of operational excellence. By enabling seamless API and AI integrations, Dapta empowers businesses to focus on growth and innovation.

Top Capabilities of Flow Integration

  • Automate task completion with triggers from GitHub and other tools
  • Programmatically create, modify, and delete tasks and projects
  • Utilize RESTful endpoints for efficient resource management
  • Secure authentication with personal access tokens for all requests
  • Real-time updates with Webhooks for tasks and projects

Frequently Asked Questions


What are flows in API?

API flows are designed artifacts that facilitate the creation of data or function service endpoints. They incorporate a variety of components including data connectors, transformations, quality checks, and task-based operations. Additionally, they integrate services and much more to provide a comprehensive solution.


How to use rest API in flow designer servicenow?


How to trigger subflow from script in ServiceNow?

To trigger a subflow from a script in ServiceNow, server-side scripts utilize asynchronous methods. These methods initiate a flow, subflow, or action without waiting for its completion. The methods include 'startFlow' with the flow name and inputs, and 'startSubflow' with the subflow name and inputs, facilitating asynchronous execution.


How to make Flow integrations with Dapta?

At Dapta, we provide comprehensive Flow integration solutions, seamlessly linking various endpoints. Our platform streamlines tool integration, ensuring an intuitive and hassle-free process. With a wide array of options spanning over 250 applications, Dapta elevates your Flow configuration, leading to enhanced team efficiency.