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About GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar stands at the forefront of virtual collaboration, offering a comprehensive platform that simplifies the way businesses communicate. It's not just about conducting webinars; it's about creating an interconnected ecosystem where every application and service works together harmoniously.

Key Features of GoToWebinar Integration

  • Launch HD video conferences instantly from your system with GoToMeeting integration.
  • Initiate calls directly by clicking a number within your system using Click to Call feature.
  • Automate your marketing campaigns by importing webinar attendee lists seamlessly.
  • Enhance user readiness with Screen Pop, displaying relevant customer information for incoming calls.
  • Incorporate call analytics into your reports for insightful data on customer interactions.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does GoTo have a CRM?

Yes, GoTo integrates with Zoho CRM through GoTo Connect, enhancing customer interactions for both inbound and outbound calls. This integration allows for efficient management and scheduling of meetings directly from Zoho Desk, elevating the customer experience.


What does GoTo do?

GoTo provides a comprehensive suite of solutions to tackle various challenges, including enabling flexible work arrangements like hybrid and remote work, providing instant support and assistance, and offering robust collaboration tools and cybersecurity solutions to ensure seamless teamwork and data protection.


What is GoTo service?

GoTo Connect, previously known as Jive, is a cloud-based VoIP service that merges audio, video, and screen sharing capabilities with cloud telephony and messaging services. It includes contact center services and the necessary hardware, creating an integrated application for seamless communication.


How does GoTo app work?

The GoTo app serves as a comprehensive collaboration hub, offering a single access point for a wide range of communication needs. Users can effortlessly call, chat, and hold meetings, as well as conduct trainings, webinars, and large virtual events, all within one platform.