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Leverage Dapta's no-code platform to integrate Telegram's robust messaging capabilities into your business workflow, ensuring secure and instant communication across teams and with customers.

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With Dapta's Telegram integration, scaling your business communication is effortless. Expand your reach, automate interactions, and build a global presence without compromising on speed or security.

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About Telegram

Dapta offers a revolutionary approach to integrating Telegram into your business environment. Our platform empowers you to create custom solutions that harness the full potential of Telegram's APIs and features, all with minimal coding required.

Key Features of Telegram Integration

  • Automate customer support with AI-powered Telegram bots.
  • Enable secure transactions with Telegram's Payments API.
  • Customize user experience with animated stickers and themes.
  • Streamline operations with Telegram's comprehensive bot commands and inline queries.
  • Expand your brand's engagement through interactive Telegram mini-apps and games.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does Telegram API cost?

Telegram offers two APIs for developers: the Bot API and TDLib. Both are available at no charge, allowing for cost-effective development of applications and bots.


How to add API to Telegram?

At Dapta, we facilitate effortless integration of Telegram through data-driven solutions. Our platform simplifies Telegram integration, ensuring a smooth and effortless process. With an extensive range of over 250 applications available, Dapta optimizes your Telegram setup, ultimately boosting team efficiency.


How to use ChatGPT on Telegram?

To use ChatGPT on Telegram, you need to find a bot that integrates ChatGPT's capabilities or create one. This involves obtaining an API key from OpenAI, setting up a Telegram bot via BotFather, and programming the bot to use ChatGPT for generating responses to user messages.


What is the difference between Telegram API and Telegram Bot API?

The Telegram API and the Telegram Bot API differ in several key aspects: user authentication, the scope of bot permissions, interaction capabilities, supported message types, real-time update handling, and overall API complexity. These differences define their respective use cases and integration requirements.