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About Trello

Trello integration bridges the gap between your project management needs and the plethora of tools your team uses. By connecting Trello with other applications, you can streamline processes, enhance communication, and boost productivity across your organization.

Top Features of Trello Integration

  • Automate routine tasks and set custom triggers with Butler automation.
  • Visualize data with advanced reporting and analytics integrations.
  • Manage attachments and files effortlessly with file management Power-Ups.
  • Synchronize with developer tools to track progress and issues in real-time.
  • Enhance communication with integration of messaging and collaboration platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions


What programs does Trello integrate with?

The original response to this question was not provided in the input. Therefore, an answer cannot be generated based on the constraints.


Does Trello have an API?

Yes, Trello offers a RESTful web API, allowing interaction with various resources such as cards, boards, and members through specific URIs. Comprehensive documentation on utilizing the Trello API can be found at their official developer site.


What are the API restrictions for Trello?

Trello enforces API usage limits to ensure fair access for all users. Specifically, each API key is restricted to 300 requests per 10 seconds, and each token is limited to 100 requests per 10-second interval. Exceeding these limits triggers a 429 error code.


Can Trello and Jira integrate?

Indeed, Trello and Jira can be seamlessly integrated, enhancing collaboration across teams. This integration enables linking of Jira issues, including Tickets and Epics, directly to Trello cards. This feature provides visibility into task assignments and progress, irrespective of the preferred tool.