Introducing Dapta AI, build APIs in seconds with AI

October 11, 2023

API integrations are a powerful tool that can help businesses securely and efficiently connect their systems and applications. However, building API integrations can be a complex and time-consuming process. We believe that generative AI will make developers more productive, improve software quality, and help us fulfill our mission of giving businesses back the time they need to be competitive.

To assist businesses and developers in overcoming this challenge, Dapta has launched Dapta AI, a new feature that enables users to build API integrations in seconds using natural language.

What is Dapta AI?

It's an AI assistant that translates natural language to our powerful API Engine, automating API and integration creation process. With Dapta AI, users can simply describe what they want to achieve with their API integrations, and Dapta AI takes care of the rest.

With Dapta AI, businesses and developers gain:

- Agility:
Dapta AI enables businesses to create API integrations quickly and easily.
- Efficiency:
Dapta AI reduces the need for manual coding, freeing up developers to focus on more strategic tasks.
- Accessibility:
Dapta AI doesn't require coding knowledge, making it accessible to anyone.

The most common use cases for Dapta AI include:

- System Integration:
Connect internal and external systems, such as CRM, ERP, and inventory management systems.
Example prompts: Get all purchase orders from Quickbooks and reconcile with my transaction database in MongoDB, mark the status accordingly
- Process Automation:
Tasks like report generation or sending notifications.
Example prompts: Send an email every time a new lead is captured in the database. Send an email everyday at midnight with the sum of all the transactions created during the day
- Data Analysis:
Integrate data sources for analysis purposes.

With Dapta AI, businesses can connect their systems and applications quickly and easily, without the need for coding expertise. The BETA version will be available in our PRO and Enterprise plans in November. ⤵️ Click to experience Dapta AI