AI Workflow Automation

Creating integrations with AI platforms is slow, painful and expensive. With Dapta's AI Flow Builder you can create integrations and automations between your software and the best AI platforms.

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Why Dapta's Flow builder?

The easiest way to integrate AI in your processes


Connect Your Data

Connect your product databases, CRM, ERP or any software platform you use in your daily flows.


Corporate Memory

Dapta learns from all your actions in the platform, creating a corporate memory that understands your company.


Work With Any Model

Select any model you want. Every model is good for a specific use case. Easily swap between models with no-code.

Build your first AI Workflow in minutes

Experience the future of business with Dapta's AI Workflow Automation

Simple pricing for any use case


For small teams and individual professionals.

Starting at (per month)
Self service
  • 2.5k tokens
  • 4 active flows
  • 1 user
  • 1 projects
  • 500MB of database storage


For companies looking to scale their operations.

Starting at (per month)
Self service
  • 10k tokens then $1/1k
  • Unlimited flows
  • 5 users
  • 2 projects
  • 2GB of database storage


For companies that REALLY want to unleash AI

Starting at (per month)
Premium support
  • 100k tokens then $1/1k
  • Unlimited flows
  • Unlimited users
  • 10 projects
  • Premium support
  • 10GB of database storage
  • 1 Custom AI project assistance per month


For large scale data processing needs.

Contact Sales
Starting at (per month)
Starting at (per month)
  • Same as Dapta pro
  • Premium support
  • SLAs
  • Enterprise grade security
  • On premise deployment
Why dapta?

Wide variety of integrations

Qualys integration

Maximize your cybersecurity with Qualys integration on Dapta. Streamline API and AI integrations for better vulnerability management and policy compliance.

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Twitter Integration

Elevate your business with Dapta's Twitter integrations. Streamline API and AI processes, save development time, and enhance cross-platform efficiency.

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Telegram integration

Discover how Dapta's Telegram integration can streamline your communication and enhance business operations. Start saving development time today!

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ClickUp integration

Harness the power of ClickUp integration on Dapta to streamline workflows and save development time. Discover seamless API and AI solutions.

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GoToWebinar integration

Elevate your business efficiency with GoToWebinar integration. Discover seamless API connectivity for improved workflows and collaboration.

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Chargebee integration

Streamline your business processes with Dapta's Chargebee integration. Enhance efficiency and save development time with our no-code platform.

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MailerLite integration

Discover how MailerLite integration enhances your email marketing strategy. Connect, automate, and grow with our advanced tools.

Learn More integration

Unlock the potential of your team with powerful integration. Streamline tasks, enhance collaboration, and drive productivity today.

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Auth0 integration

Unlock the full potential of your applications with Dapta's Auth0 integration, streamlining secure API and AI connections effortlessly.

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BambooHR integration

Seamlessly integrate your HR systems using BambooHR integration for streamlined workflows and improved data management.

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Oura integration

Discover how Oura integration by Dapta can streamline your business processes, enhance efficiency, and save development time with our powerful no-code platform.

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Magento 2 integration

Optimize your e-commerce operations with our Magento 2 integration. Streamline workflows, enhance customer experience, and boost sales.

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Flow integration

Seamlessly integrate your systems with Flow integration on Dapta. Save time, enhance efficiency, and streamline your business processes today.

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LinkedIn integration

Harness the power of LinkedIn integration for seamless API and AI connections. Enhance efficiency with Dapta's no-code platform.

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Elasticsearch integration

Discover how Elasticsearch integration with Dapta streamlines your data processes, saving time and enhancing business intelligence.

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Zoho CRM integration

Maximize efficiency and save development time with Dapta's Zoho CRM integration. Connect APIs and AI seamlessly for enhanced business performance.

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Freshdesk integration

Integrate powerful tools with Freshdesk for streamlined customer service. Discover the benefits and top features of Freshdesk integration.

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Box integration

Discover how Box integration with Dapta can streamline your workflow, enhance collaboration, and boost productivity. Start now!

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PagerDuty integration

Elevate your operational efficiency with seamless PagerDuty integration. Optimize incident response and streamline workflows for peak performance.

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Todoist integration

Unlock seamless productivity by integrating your tools with Todoist. Discover how Todoist integration simplifies task management and boosts efficiency.

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Pipedrive integration

Maximize efficiency with Pipedrive integration. Connect and automate your CRM workflow for enhanced sales performance and productivity.

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Splunk integration

Unlock the full potential of your data with Dapta's seamless Splunk integration. Streamline operations and enhance data analysis effortlessly.

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Trello integration

Maximize team efficiency with Trello integration. Connect apps, automate tasks, and manage projects seamlessly. Explore the benefits now.

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Zoom integration

Discover how Zoom integration can streamline communication and collaboration across your business platforms. Click to learn more!

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Snowflake integration

Unlock the full potential of your data with Dapta's Snowflake integration. Streamline processes, save time, and enhance efficiency.

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Ldap integration

Discover how Dapta's LDAP integration enhances business efficiency by enabling quick, no-code API and AI integrations. Save time and boost productivity.

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Discord integration

Enhance your team's collaboration with seamless Discord integration. Discover the ultimate solution for real-time communication across platforms.

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ServiceNow integration

Boost efficiency with ServiceNow integration. Connect and automate your enterprise systems on one platform for streamlined workflows and improved productivity.

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Okta integration

Optimize your security with our Okta integration solutions. Enhance user authentication and streamline identity management across your applications.

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Xero integration

Connect your business tools effortlessly with Dapta's Xero integration. Streamline your accounting, save time and enhance efficiency.

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Shopify integration

Discover how Dapta's no-code platform revolutionizes Shopify API and AI integrations, slashing 90% off your development time. Enhance business efficiency today.

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WooCommerce integration

Dapta's no-code platform transforms integration processes, saving 90% development time. Discover seamless AI-powered business solutions.

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QuickBooks Online integration

Maximize efficiency with QuickBooks Online integration. Connect your business apps seamlessly for streamlined accounting and financial management.

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Notion integration

Seamlessly integrate your tools and services with Notion integration for enhanced productivity and streamlined workflows.

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Airtable integration

Discover the power of Airtable integration with Dapta. Connect your apps and streamline your business processes for maximum efficiency.

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Odoo integration

Leverage the power of Odoo integration on Dapta to streamline your business processes. Save time, enhance efficiency, and boost your business growth.

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OpenAI integration

Unlock the potential of AI with OpenAI integration. Streamline your business with cutting-edge AI models for versatile language tasks.

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Mailchimp integration

Harness the power of Mailchimp integration with Dapta. Connect your tools, streamline workflows, and enhance your marketing strategy for optimal performance.

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Stripe integration

Discover seamless payment solutions with our Stripe integration. Enhance your platform's financial capabilities and user experience today.

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HubSpot integration

Unlock the full potential of your business with Dapta's HubSpot integration. Streamline processes and save development time. Learn more now.

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Salesforce integration

Maximize your CRM potential with expert Salesforce integration. Connect your apps seamlessly for improved productivity and insights.

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Slack Integration

Discover how Slack integrations can streamline your team's collaboration and productivity. Explore top integration tools and tips for seamless workflow automation.

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